Child Abuse: choose to see it; choose to be part of the solution!

This is the "drama” that unfolds in classrooms, on sports playing fields, and at social events each and every day in America.  In other countries, the statistics have long been denied and/or ignored.  That fact, appears to be changing, but very slowly.  Child Abuse knows no differences in Race, Nationality, or Gender.  It is the one time, where sadly... all men (children) are equal.

We can choose to ignore this epidemic or choose to recognize the signs of Child Abuse and be part of the solution!   Children are the future of modern society.  Everywhere!

I was part of the classroom situation for many years and knew intuitively with which of my students "it" might unfold as the school year progressed; after all, I was a kindred spirit.  However, there were many times I couldn’t see it at all… and it never failed to surprise me when the Abuse revealed itself in a student’s writings or actions.  I don’t know why I was surprised because I too was one of the “children” that hid the abuse going on at home while growing up.  It took many years before I was even able to write/ speak about it.

I chose to leave teaching, a few years back and write and speak up about Child Abuse in my book SPIRIT UNBROKEN. It is a silent epidemic. A proficient teacher in modern times, teaches not only his/her subject matter…but also teaches about LIFE. And LIFE in these times is hard.

However, I believe Child Abuse can be eradicated. There is no “cure” out there in the wings waiting to be discovered like a potential cure for Cancer or other illness.  But for each of us, there is the huge job of accepting this condition as part of modern society's fabric and acting upon it.  This is a World-wide disease.

Be part of the solution and recognize it is a silent epidemic. This can not be an avoidance issue because it might be awkward or uncomfortable to acknowledge.

If you are aware of anyone abusing a child or if you are being abused yourself…speak up, today.
Everyone; everywhere.

It's a matter of Choice; CHILD ABUSE can stop with us.

I added the above videos to educate; they are not the exception in Child Abuse...they are the norm. If we choose to ignore what is happening around us, that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are abused by their 18th Birthday...then we perpetuate the abuse and it enters all venues of our society.

It is not an illness with no cure, rather it is an epidemic that calls for recognition and involvement and it will cease.

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