Once again...MySpace and Facebook: often unhealthy!

STILL...the following article gets so many "hits" on my Blog... it's important to include it here as well for a time. Children and young people are too often abused by adults, that is a given, but often they take on the "abuse" themselves in their MySpace and Facebook use. If this hits home, in any fashion...please read on:

I often wonder how many of us would have become better people or have accomplished more with our lives if we had "walked away" from things that were unhealthy. There are so many things that are "unhealthy" for us, that I believe we are not even aware of the long term repercussions, until it's too late to make corrections. The Internet provides the new positive as well as the new unhealthy.

For some of the best years of my life, I have taught young people. Although it appeared that I was an English teacher/professor...what I really taught was about LIFE! My message was not subtle; I am not a subtle person. Life is hard and it requires a steady course to overcome our individual tests and limitations. As of late, I am so angered and disappointed by what I see posted by so many young people on Facebook and MySpace. What you put on today, you own forever. Forever!

Not only are things being said/done that can never be erased, (once it is on the Internet it can be "recalled" for eternity...I need to repeat that ), but there seems to be great delight in "shocking" the viewers/readers. You know, EVERYONE can see those postings, right? Family, employers, teachers...everyone. I see it as a call for help from the younger generations. In its basic form, it is too often desperation to be noticed...if even in a negative way.

When a young person blatantly acts out in words/deeds...they are in trouble and need guidance. I know this from experience and personal involvement. Excessive drinking and drugs, posing nearly nude or in suggestive sexual positions, excessive self -mutilation (be it piercing or body art ), and words/deeds that hurt others are...never signs of a healthy young person. When it is posted for the world to see you open yourself up to all kinds of future liability, criticism, and heartache. Sadly, you are abusing yourself. I can't view it any other way.

I get that all young people test and act out. However, excessive testing and acting out and then "posting" it on line for the world to see... has dangerous and long lasting repercussions. Even if your site is marked "private" one of your less scrupulous contacts has theirs wide-open for the world to see and read. Your "privacy" is their fodder. Duh!

If you are someone with a healthy self-image, you don't need approval or validation from anyone else as to how "cool" you are. You give yourself honor and integrity by doing good things for yourself and giving generously to others. Over drinking/ doing drugs, body parts with excessive art(?), eating disorders (too much or too little food; it doesn't matter), or beating up on others physically or verbally are just scabs on the wounds that will never heal.

Do something that you can be proud of and then post it on-line. The world is watching. You will be pleased not only today, but five and ten years from now as well. If you are in an unhealthy "space" it stops today. If you need help, ask for it! You have that choice. Pretty amazing to be human. However, do it so you can "face" your choices with pride down the road.


It's a matter of Choice; CHILD ABUSE can stop with us.

I added the above videos to educate; they are not the exception in Child Abuse...they are the norm. If we choose to ignore what is happening around us, that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are abused by their 18th Birthday...then we perpetuate the abuse and it enters all venues of our society.

It is not an illness with no cure, rather it is an epidemic that calls for recognition and involvement and it will cease.

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